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September 19, 2006
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dcski: im a long time snowboarder, but recently picked up a used pair of Solomon 1080's with bindings....Id like to do alpine and learn to use them in the park. I have 2 questions,

(1) I have no clue what to do with the bindings etc..I think the guy before me had bigger feet than me, will a ski shop tweak them to fit me? I live near Wisp, can anyone recommend any places to go?

(2) I need boots and polls...preferrably new but not the most expensive as $ is an issue...can anyone recommend any brands/models? I think since I'd like to do terrain park stuff I would need a less stiff boot?

September 19, 2006
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Bindings: Wait until you get your boots. The bindings will have to be readjusted or possible remounted to fit your boots.

Boots: Don't buy based on model, brand, or features. Buy based on FIT. Go ahead and read this post on epic as ssh explains it better than I could with repsect to boot fitting. epic

Bindings Part 2: Once you ahve the boots then you are ready to get the skis adjusted or remounted. I don't know what sort of bindings you have (if you have any) or what. Reguardless of what you do deffinately take them in at least for a safety inspection.

Most carving and all mountian skis have the binding mounted pretty far back on the ski so that you can have more stability and carve better, etc... Hoever because of this you are unbalance when jumping, sliding rails and so forth. Generally park skis need to have the boot balanced directly in the middle (center of mass) of the ski. This is where it gets tricky.... Some manufacturers already put the mount point on their park skis at the CoM for this reason, others have it further back more like an all mountain ski. This is where additional expertise with that specific ski can help you out. Talk to your ski tech and make sure they understand that you want to use the ski in the park and that it needs to be mounted accordingly. I would recomend you also post somethign on epic ski or tgr when you get the boards mounted. The posters there are often industry insiders who have specific informaiton about specific skis and may be able to hel you out with that sort of info.

Poles: Poles are pole. Buy something cheap

Good luck, Tim

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