Rt. 55 North Mountain paving.
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September 15, 2006
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Just a heads up to those who travel through Wardensville via Rt. 55 from Virginia. Starting the first of August, WV contracted out a job to pave and widen Rt. 55 starting from the VA/WV line to approximately the bottom of the mountain 1 mile from Wardensville.

As of this week work seems to be fully completed on this stretch of construction work. The roadway was widened by about 3' on each side, the road was paved and is now MUCH smoother. Also drainage ditches were repaired and new culverts installed to help direct flowing water. By not having to dodge every pothole from here to CV and back, I estimate that it saved me 5 minutes coming down off the mountain while still driving normally.

However... if your car was to go into the ditch... WATCH OUT. The ditches are now deeper, steeper, and if your car goes in one, it's not coming out without a tow.

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