huge new england snowfall dec 7
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JimK - DCSki Columnist
December 8, 2003
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Here's some info on new snow in New Hampshire:
Mon, Dec 08, 2003
Wildcat Mountain Buried in 4.5 Feet of Snow in 2 Days!
"This has to be the storm of the century," says Tom Caughey

Pinkham Notch, NH - It was just another "Winter Storm Watch" or was it?! "This has to be the storm of the century! No one was prepared for this amount of snow so soon, all at once. Initially the storm was predicted to go out to sea," remarks Tom Caughey, General Manager of Wildcat Mountain Ski Area. "We're digging out just a fast as we can! The removal of fifty-five inches of snow and eight foot snow drifts is taxing our resources to the max, in terms of both man/woman and machine power. We're looking to be be 100% open, or close to it, in the next day or so! It's a great way to start off the season!"

Wildcat Mountain has always been known for its high natural snowfall, long ski season, often into early May, and it's incredibly beautiful scenery. That is due to it's location in Pinkham Notch, NH, right next door to Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the Northeast. With its own base elevation at nearly 2,000 feet, Wildcat's annual average snowfall exceeds 200 inches a year. High snowfall and cooler alpine temperatures keep the snow longer, often into early May at Wildcat ---- and as late as August in nearby Tuckerman Ravine, the world-renowned spring skiing mecca located on Mt. Washington. It's the views from Wildcat of Mt. Washington and Tuckerman Ravine that win Wildcat the number one rating for scenery in the East year after year by SKI Magazine (Oct. 2003).

Wildcat's summit reaches 4,062 feet and is accessible during the ski season by NH's fastest high-speed quad chairlift, the Wildcat Express. "The Quad gives skiers and riders a 2,100 foot vertical in just about six minutes," notes Caughey. "That's an incredible fact, when you think about it. Wildcat has the most continuous vertical in the White Mountain National Forest."

Wildcat is also known for establishing the first Two-Fer Day back in 1967. That tradition continues on Wednesdays at Wildcat (2 ski for $52). Wildcat Mountain has hatched many new programs to grow the sport of skiing, including its new program this season where anyone can ski and ride additional consecutive days for just $25 per day. "It's not really surprising for Wildcat to be carrying the torch in an effort to get people into skiing. Wildcat is celebrating 70 years of skiing the Wildcat Trail this season," states Caughey. "Wildcat is a tradition, and the reason we all work here is because it's such a special place."

Wildcat Mountain is a year-round, family-owned business, located on 100% National Forest land in the heart of the White Mountain National Forest, in Pinkham Notch, NH. In the summer and fall, Wildcat is home to NH's highest 4-person scenic gondola skyride, and hosts special parties and events all year.

johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
December 8, 2003
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Killington also got 4.5 feet. It now has 90 trails open:

December 8, 2003
Johnfmh-Come on buddy for a smart dude you are a little naive.Killington has been lying for years about thier snow! You have sugarbush to the north with 59" the last 14 days ,stratton to the south with 41,stowe with 51. killington claiming 65!This is just recently but it goes on & on they say they get more snow. This is impossible in the long run. maybe a storm or 2 they might hit the jackpot.Every resort should measure from thier mid station anyway not the top.cannan measures from the bottom.let killington try that & see what kind of totals they will come up with.LOL
December 8, 2003
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Easy on the Killington Conspiracy Theories. You're starting to sound like Oliver Stone.

December 8, 2003
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Snow is difficult to figgure, especially in the mountains.
December 8, 2003
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Check a look at these pictures and try not to cry...

December 9, 2003
Yeh i know + starting to sound like a broken record.sorry for the rude remark johnfmh BUT if i;m wrong killington is the snowiest place on the east coast.Which a lot of people would like,myself inc. It's closer!
johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
December 9, 2003
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I'm heading up there in a couple of weeks Andy so don't burst my bubble. Ok?

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