New Speed Limit changes in Wardensville
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September 3, 2006
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I just wanted to make a brief post that there have been some slight modifications to the speed limit restrictions in the Wardensville area. When traveling west leaving Wardensville, many of you may notice that beside the Mountaineer Restraunt the speed limit changes from 25mph to 40mph. This 40mph limit ends after crossing the tiny little bridge across Trout Run (which is where the town limits end as well). As of this weekend, the 40mph limit has been extended to the new Corridor-H intersection over a mile way at the bottom of Sandy Ridge.

This extension of the 40mph zone is NOT in the Wardensville town limits, however Wardensville town Police HAVE been patrolling this area before. So for you travelers entering and leaving Wardensville from the west, MAKE SURE YOU STAY AT 40MPH!

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