Current open slopes/resorts?
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December 7, 2003
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I checked Wisp's page and they have 9 trails and 3 lifts open currently. I was hoping Timberline would have gotten decent amounts of snow this weekend but I checked their page and nothing is open yet.

I have some friends interested in going within a nother week but it looks like wisp might be the only option for now at least.

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December 7, 2003
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Timberline opens later this week, check their web site or elsewhere on DCSKI. Snowshoe is looking mighty good, so also is 7Springs. Snowshoe has a great base on 13 trails, plus they are making snow on multiple others, including Cup and Widowmaker. Midweek snowmaking looks poor, but otherwise...expect the Shoe will have more territory open next weekend, including Silver Creek.
Wintergreen might also be a good bet!!
December 7, 2003
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So far, Timberline's opening date it set at 12/11, this coming Thursday. Originally it was 12/12, but it was pushed forwards due to the two storms of the season and good snowmaking so far.

They're planning on changing the opening status, either meaning 1. More trails will be open on Opening Day or 2. They're opening earlier.

At this point I'm gonna rule out delaying the opening.

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