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August 11, 2006
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current temp at mt washington observatory (4pm friday, 8/11): 39.2 degrees. wind chill is 26.8.
August 11, 2006
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Wow..This is a strong cold front! Below freezing tonite for the New Hamp Summits...August 11th!...wonder how cold the west va tops will get with this front? This cold shot is coming north to south unlike the traditional nw to se...the main cold air might shave of to the east..Anybody camping in the Sods? I'm taking a boat ride to Bald Head Island,NC...The furthest north sub tropical Island on the east coast. Biking(no motorized vehicles alowed) in the 1st cooler air that this area has felt since late june.
August 12, 2006
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Mt. washington had some rime icing last night! They dropped down to 31! Also, there are numerous frost advisories for northern VT and NY. Anyone know what the temp was in Canaan or Shoe last night?
August 13, 2006
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August 13, 2006
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49 in Davis but 40 in CV (500 feet lower).
August 17, 2006
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ahh..bald head island. what a incredibly wonderful place. let us know how your visit was. many people here in nc havent even heard of it but it is a true treasure. alligators in the creeks, turtles nesting on the beach, all kinds of wildlife and fauna unique to the island.

i dated a girl who owned a villa in the early 90's. they went for around 150K, now 750K on the website- wow!! and thats inland property. the site shows their most expensive LOT price for 3 million- and that could disappear with one storm. makes mountain property look fairly tame.

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