speculation runs wild on Tour 'A' sampe positive!
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July 27, 2006
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Well well, a positive A sample comes back and if you are to believe the speculations -- it COULD BE FLOYD!

Apparently positive for some type of stimulant, Stage 17 to Morzine.

What could it be? Caffeine? That'd be a joke.

B-sample to be analyzed, all speculations to continue until reality bites.
JimK - DCSki Columnist
July 28, 2006
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What a mess. I hope the back-up sample shows better results, but a thrilling victory is tainted either way.
July 28, 2006
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I heard an interview with something that claimed inside info on the test. It showed an abnormally low epitestosterone level which meant the test ratio came out illegal -- the ratio being testosterone to epitestosterone.

i would think the "patch" or some other usage of testosterone would simply elevate that level and that a injection of epi would make the ratio look right.

this doesn't seem like an attempt to do that, i favor Floyd (slightly if info is true above) in this one, mainly due to the fact that this the wrong drug to use for the occassion anyway, you'd think for what had to try to do, he would have favored something to boost indurance ...

so wrong drug, funny level of epi, maybe there is some other explanation ...

personally -- i still follow the sport regardless, to some degree this has become PART OF IT, the endless drug scandals!

but you know there's A LOT of stuff they can't really see in the testing (as i undertand it). Things like human growth hormone and a fresh bag of YOUR OWN blood for example...

so to say that the pros are really on "our" level, I think is also somewhat misunderstanding the pro ranks & their attitudes.

The use of drugs goes back to the very birth of the sport -- it started with painkillers, then amphetamines, then steriods, then moved to bags of blood, then EPO, HGH and other hormones, and so forth...

The folks that ride become the director sportifs, the directors move up & around the organizers of the races ... its a small enclosed world.

So, we are a long way from a truly "clean" sport if you ask me

Not that everyone of them does this stuff but alot have, or at various times -- some systematically.

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