Total snowfall at BK for 05-06 was above average!
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July 16, 2006
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Although the Winter of 2005-2006 was extremely mild, at least one ski area within the Mid-Atlantic fared quite well in terms of snowfall. Blue Knob received a total of 121 inches of snow during the 2005-2006 season! This is quite remarkable because BK averages only around 100 inches of snow per year. To see the 121 inch statistic, go to and click on the button labeled "conditions" located on the left-hand side of the home page. The page that opens (as a result of clicking on the aforementioned button) shows the snowfall statistic for BK during 2005-2006.

What I'm wondering is, were there any other ski areas (within the Mid-Atlantic) that received above average snowfall during the past ski season? Did 7-S receive over 120 inches of snow?
July 16, 2006
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The totals were'nt bad it was keeping the snow thru the thawsthat was hard.

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