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December 4, 2003
I normally rent from a ski shop when we go skiing-as I said earlier, we are driving up to the Davis, WV area. Again, any recommendations-I have always used Alpine.


December 5, 2003
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You can rent atomics from Deerfield Resort which is across from the Exxon station near Timberline. Just get in early. Timberline has some decent demos too.

Nice guys too.

December 5, 2003
Also check at the Ski Barn in Canaan Valley. Its just south of the intersection or 32 and Timberline Road. I think Timberline got some new rental equipment this year too. Not positive on that though. Also I had heard that Deerfield might not be renting this year so you may want to call and comfirm that before you count on them. Ski Barn also has a fairly good selection of the latest models of K2 skis for rent. Not just your typical non-perfomance rental skis.

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