Canaan Valley builders?
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May 15, 2006
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I recently purchased land in Canaan and am interestd in hear from other DCSki members about builders they could recommend. I know most have long waiting lists but I am in no particular hurry (I own a place at Black Bear as well).

This may be asking too much but I am really interested in energy conservation, both in construction but also in the possibility of solar and wind power. Any suggestions on that front would be greatly appreciated.

Finally, I am intrigued by the possibility of doing a panelized house. The units in Black Bear, including the new larger 3 and 4 bedroon units, are prefabs and I have been happy with mine. Anyone know of companies using this technique? I know Lindal does precut but I am interested in houses that come in entire panels that need only to be nailed down and drywalled.
May 15, 2006
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Blackbear homes are early versions of pedestal homes by Logangate Homes in PA. There have been thousands built in many locations around the US, particularily where footprint and ground disturbance needs to be minimized.

The panels they use are also used in other construction designs. Humberson Homes in DCL builds a highly adaptable model using the panels. The core product is also pictured on Logangate's web site. They also use a floating, preformed foundation systems called Superior Foundations. You can create a very energy efficient home using these pieces. I don't know if Humberson builts in CV or not, but I would recommend him as a reliable builder of a great product at a reasonable price.

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