Canaan fire
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lbotta - DCSki Supporter 
April 18, 2006
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Charleston Gazette
April 18, 2006
Five injured in Canaan Valley blast

Injuries to four are severe; men were building house

By The Associated Press

THOMAS - Five construction workers were injured, four of them severely, in an apparent natural gas explosion at a home construction site near the Canaan Valley Resort, State Police said Monday.

The blast occurred about 10:20 a.m. in a housing development in the Flat Ridge area, near the popular ski resort, said State Police Sgt. R.L. Stump.

The five workers were building a home and somehow ignited a gas leak, Stump said. The state fire marshal's office is investigating.

More on the link
April 19, 2006
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Just found out a couple of the guys laid the block on my house up there.One of the guys is the brother in law of the contractor that put in my foundation/septic/well. He informed me that the owner of the house which is up on Pointy Knob(south end of Canaan Vly) owed some money & three of the guys were sent up there to meet the owner to collect. When they arrived there were 2 guys inside doing some drywall work. They sat around waiting for the owner who didn't show, so they decided to leave but not before the house blew up! Talk about bad timing!! I understand that the house used Nat gas which is not as detectable as propane which I use at my house.The Mtn also gets bad lightning (heard a story of fireballs after lightning strikes)...Little scary with gas around.
April 19, 2006
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Oh my God! I probably know some of these people. My prayers are with them.
April 19, 2006
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Back Hollow Road? my neighborhood, hope & pray those guys will be OK. That picture's pretty scary stuff.
johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
April 21, 2006
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I may know some of these people. I hope they are ok.... My thoughts are with them and their families.
April 27, 2006
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Latest info on the fire. 2 of the injured passed this week, the other 3 remain in critical condition. Here is a link to an article with the names of the workers:
April 27, 2006
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That's awful! I was being the optimist and hoping
that they would all pull through. Just goes to show you that
you can't take anything for granted....

May 15, 2006
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Just a brief update for anyone still tracking this story. But last week 2 of the surviving contractors passed. All told, 4 men died from their injuries in this explosion. The one survivor has been released from the hospital. The cause of the accident remains under investigation.

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