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April 14, 2006
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this is pretty random but i thought someone might be interested......i just got this link from a buddy of mine at my umvd internship and figured id pass it along. its a sweepstakes for a trip out to LA to see a Napster Live Session with the all american rejects, dredg, feist, giant drag and a bunch of other bands....i love AAR so if anyone else does too (or any of the other bands for that matter) u should totally sign up. and it says that people who go to AU or GWU have access to napster on campus, which sounded pretty cool but also meant they could sign up for the sweepstakes by registering for napster through the school. anyway, i thought it was pretty cool so there u go
April 14, 2006
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You left the link out! If you're gonna spam do it right!

That's the problem with kids these days, no pride in their work.

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