Go Skiing You Fools!!!!!
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March 5, 2000
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Yesterday, Saturday, March 4th, Liberty had great spring skiing. No rocks, great soft bumps and no great yawning bare patches. Some trails have gotten narrower and a few have closed, but the mountain is largely intact.

Was anybody on the mountain? Noooooo. Great for me, I get to ski instead of teach, but bad in general. Why? Because the effort the management expends to stay open depends on how many skiers come to the mountain.

There is plenty of snow and plenty of good sking left. Forget the yard, forget washing the car, forget rollerblading, bicycling, gardening. YOU CAN DO THESE THINGS IN THE SUMMER! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE SNOW IN YOUR BACKYARD TO GO SKIING!!!!

March 5, 2000
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I wuz up there boarding on SUNDAY! I'm afraid it's not going to last much longer.
March 5, 2000
I was there- Liberty 3/4/00
Your report is accurate.

Why don't they go to discounted spring rates.
Office says on Discounts prior to closing.

March 6, 2000
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I don't know why Liberty does not offer late season discounts.

Ski and Tell

Snowcat got your tongue?

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