Not sure if I said 'Hi' before but here it goes...
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April 12, 2006
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Well Hi!

I have been posting and blabbing every now and then but I don't think that I have introduced myself.

My first time skiing was during our senior weekend in highschool. Did some skiing in college in Buffalo, NY, and a lot more after I got my first paying job. This was in '85, way after color TV came out and when LP's were still around...

I think that I am at a level 7 or 8 sort of like an advanced intermediate or low level advanced. Key words "I think". I started skiing again this past season and was able to put in close to 10 ski nights at Whitetail/Liberty.

I am obsessed in getting better and next season, I will try to go once a week for night skiing.

I recently started doing indoor rock climbing in Sterling and it is a great work out. If anybody else is interested, there are several indoor climbing gyms in VA and MD. Hopefully, the outdoor climbing will soon follow.

Also, previously I was a serious road cyclist but I burned out. Now I just collect classic racing bikes and parts. Maybe I'll start riding again...

Ok, that's it for now and Hi.


PS. sad to see the season come to an end...
April 12, 2006
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Hello Eug from northern Va! I'm down here in SE/NC...You must have been Interested in the Corr H Thread, hailing from NVa & all...By the way,I'm the Good Guy that wears the white ski cap here at DCSKI..see ya!

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