Late season snowstorm - 3 days late
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April 5, 2006
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Check out this AMs Dolly Sods Cam -

Snowing to beat the band up there - Dave Lesher reports 5" fresh this AM. Andy - looks like you are going to hit your snow prediction pretty much on the button.

Funny, you can just about set your clock by Tline's early April snowstorm - 3 years running - the weekends just didn't quite line up this year!

BTW - just checked, and they are skiing at Whitegrass again today - last ski mid-atlantic ski area to close this year (although they've been resting the past couple weeks!)
April 5, 2006
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Wasn't it an april 5th that we had the foot & a half fall in the valley which everyone was able to ski due to TL still bieng open? That little birdie that told me(2 weeks ago) to look out for the 3rd to 5th of April knew his birdie doo doo! With canaan Cking in with 7 inches that completes my 167 for year...I might have a half inch to play with, but the valley could still get some more....told you all back in JAN we would get another 100"'s! TL should offer Snowmobile rides to the top for the few that want to make some runs.(for a nice buck of coarse)
April 5, 2006
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You got that one right! Any suggestions for lottery numbers

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