show pics of your goofiest ski attire
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April 3, 2006
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Inspired by Rich's post:


What a closing. Weird cold front Sat. afternoon just for the pond skimming, but back to warm sun on Sunday. I was the shirtless one in the black bathing suit Fri & Sun if you were there. Spent the whole time on Knot Bumper...bumps getting bigger and softer all the time. Bathing suit ski tip: don't fall down. In its own way = one of the best ski weekends of the season.

I figured it would be good to see how goofy some of you hosers look out on the slopes. I will start things off with a pic of my outfit at Wintergreen on Sunday. I dug out my yard hat and an old yard shirt to go for the Bill Murray Caddyshack groundskeeper look (complete with the 3-day unshaven face to pull it off). Grunge is in baby!


Scott - DCSki Editor
April 3, 2006
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Well, I can't say I have any shots of goofy attire. Here's a shot of my contrasty garb during a trip to Vail this past January:

The color palette might be confused, but I can't say the look is goofy. Here is, perhaps, a goofy pose from that same trip:

In general, it is best to ski while facing downhill. I suppose the red backpack on red jacket look could be a bit goofy. But you never know when you might need to camouflage in with a fire truck.
April 4, 2006
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I don't really think it is goofy but definitely abnormal for ski attire...

Skiing in shorts and a t-shirt was an awesome time. I never dreamed it was going to be that warm. If I would have known I would brought something other than a toboggan to cover my head. Skiing= Good....Sunburn= Bad

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