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December 2, 2003
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Because it's coming... nice front pushing through the Ohio Vally Thurs. and Fri. then heading right on up the east coast. Artic air moving in from Canada... we have ourselves a snowstorm!

Herb Stevens:Over the next 48 hours, the strongest short wave in the series will help to carve out a significant upper low over the Ohio Valley, and that will eventually spawn a coastal storm, somewhere near Cape Hatteras, Thursday night and Friday. Meanwhile, a big, cold, dry high pressure center will be migrating eastward toward Montreal, setting itself up as an idea cold air feeder for any moisture that might want to head up the coast. The result of all this will be a significant snow producer from the mountains of NC right up the Appalachians to NY and New England.

There are a couple of limiting factors to this storm, factors that will keep it from being one that blankets everybody with deep snow. First, the high to the north, with its dry arctic air, will cut off the heavy snow somewhere in the Adirondacks and northern Greens, I believe. Those areas will get snow, and at least several inches of it, but the big time dump will be further south, in the Berkshires, Catskills, Poconos, and the mountains of western PA, western MD, and WV.

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December 2, 2003
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