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March 23, 2006
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Just saw in the newspaper (TIMES WEST VIRGINIAN) that CV was looking for investors to upgrade the park...It mentioned a big article about upgrading summer activities and a little tiny paragraph about upgrading ski lifts and snowmaking capabilities...So...
Take it for what its worth...
bousquet19 - DCSki Supporter 
March 23, 2006
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Would a high-speed lift be in CV's near future? What other ski-related improvements might they be considering?

I've never skied Canaan Valley but hope to go next season.

March 23, 2006
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FYI to investors. The new High-Speed Quad replacing Windomaker at the'shoe costs $3.5 million if you're writing a check.
March 23, 2006
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Woody, IMO their lift situation is not so bad, not laid out very well but they have pretty modern fixed grip lifts. I'd think snowmaking is where they're the weakest. Ran into an old friend who works over there now at Snowy Luau and he's heard the state is ready to dump(infuse) several MILLION into the ski area. The concessionaire contract for the whole park is up for bid soon and he expects something to happen once this is awarded. Let's hope, i've always enjoyed CV when they have lots of snow but i've not been there in the last two years.
March 23, 2006
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I was talking with the mountain operations manager 2 weeks ago and he was stoked about their new state of the art groomer that will enable them to shape the terrain park features more efficiently. They have also purchased several more rails and boxes for the park. We didn't discuss anything about increasing snowmaking capabilities so I can't address that issue. Even though this winter had it's ups and downs as far as coverage goes, I thoroughly enjoyed my 20th consecutive tour in the Valley. My lid goes off to Robert, Ron, Mike, Dave, Gary, and the rest of hardcore crew in mountain operations! Thanx
March 23, 2006
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I don't think a lift is the immediate need there. Snowmaking would be the highest priority. A water source is desperatly needed. What are the possiblities of creating a lake for water retention close to the mountain?
March 23, 2006
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I just read an article in the Parsons Advocate about the subject yesterday. The qoutes that where used in that article mentioned both improvements in snowblowing and in lift service, along with a new lodge(not ski lodge but the lodge over near the golf course) among other things. Most of the plans were not specific and they were long term. Nonetheless planning and foresight as well as investment will all be important business moves for Canaan Resort as well as Timberline in the near future and now, especially as corridor H continues towards completion and the beauty and great skiing terrain in Tucker county is being discovered by more and more people.

Both areas need to be on the up and up and involve themselves in planning. They need to be aware of what other resorts are offering customers to be a lot of ways Tucker County and the people living here depend on it.

I also have heard about the new terrain park features and the investment that Canaan is making in this area. Props to them. It's great to see both these areas recognizing the freestyle park scene that is a huge part of the skiing industry and how terrain park areas can provide enjoyment for customers....we need to see even more of this in the future.

Cheers to upgrades!!!

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