How bad does SnowShoe get on thw weekends?
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March 22, 2006
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Since the snow has started to paint over Snowshoe my husband wants to check out boarding there possibly this weekend. I'm thinking this may be the last of the winter fun for us so I'm motivated to entertain the thought despite the mending of my dislocated elbow. Under the cuff, I was told that if I wrapped it tight that I might be able to get away with an easy run or two. Husband on the other hand has had no season injuries and is eager to ride.

We spent a long weekend at T-Line last month and it was ice <ugh> - compared to anything out west we have seen. This late in the season regardless of the winter front passing through SS I'm a little leery of driving 6 hours to find a lot of ice patches and too many people to sit comfortable. So I would appreciate seasoned SS opinions as to its ice and weekend crowds, specifically this Saturday 3/25.

Simply tossing up whether to snowboard or have a poker weekend.
March 22, 2006
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Typically this is not a busy weekend, lift tickets are discounted, it is usually too warm for ice, and most importantly it is Beach Music Festival which is a ball with groups playing music (mostly free) all weekend!
March 22, 2006
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If its anything like last weekend, it wasn't bad. There were some lines but the wait was short - only a few minutes for most of the day.

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