Season not over yet - snow events coming up
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March 15, 2006
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Thurs night into Friday, 3/16-3/17, may bring 1-6" (or more) to mountains in WV and MD. Friday is looking like a good day to be on the slopes, especially at Snowshoe which has a stable base and packed powder surface at the moment.

Early to mid next week, storms coming east could dump a lot of snow on the region. Accuweather is saying that the storm [could produce two feet of snow from Nebraska to the West Virginia panhandle. According to Bastardi, "'s by far the (computer) models' snowiest run of the winter over its course."]

It's looking like we may close out the season with a couple decent snow events. Get out there and enjoy it!!

March 16, 2006
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The phat lady in the tight ski pants ain't even in the lodge yet....let alone singing!

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