skier triggered avy video
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March 7, 2006
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March 7, 2006
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FWIW, this month's Skiing Magazine dedicates 19 pages to avalanche control, avoidance, and survival. Pretty good stuff.
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March 7, 2006
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Very scary. That was a hard slab that broke loose, about 3 feet thick. Slab avalanches are probably the worst kind. It looks like the skier was recovered. Is that correct?
March 7, 2006
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He is sooo lucky with that huge terrain trap below piling the snow deep. it could have been pretty bad. When you start looking into survival percentages being deep (especially if he didnt have a beacon) is pretty slim.

As was mentioned over on ttips, deep, slow, cutting turns are not the best thing to do on a suspect slope.
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