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February 28, 2006
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I know there has been some mention of directions in some of the post regarding Snowshoe, but I really don't trust mapquest or yahoo. Can someone please post directions from Frederick, MD? Or are the directions that are on Snowshoe's website, good to use?
February 28, 2006
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I've always taken I81S to 33W to WV 28S to WV 66W to the backside of Snowshoe drive. Many folks here don't like the passes on 33W and say that 81S to 55W to 28S (same from here) is much better. Now from Frederick, I'm not sure the best way to get to 55 or 81 though...

February 28, 2006
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U R right. MapBlast will take you to Cumberland and down through Wisp - waaaaaay outta your way!
I've got peeps in Charlestown coming in 2 weeks. You could take 340 to Charletown, south to Berryville, 7 across to Winchester and 81 south to Strasburg. Then the ol' 55W to Seneca Rocks and 28 south to Cass and come in the back door.
February 28, 2006
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Basically take the 55/33 route mentioned. The only difference is that instead of coming off 66 thru Front Royal you will Pick up 81 NW of Frederick and follow that down to Strasburg which is the beginning of 55. Watch your signs and milages as it is very easy to pass the turn off to Strasburg. We live in Germantown and have taken this rout when we didnt want to use 66 because of traffic.
February 28, 2006
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Snowcone what is you drive time from say the top of 81 and 70? I am about 50 minutes to the top of 81 and 70.

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