Heavy snow in the Highlands
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February 27, 2006
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Haven't seen any posts on the snow up here -- that less than one inch for the day has ended up being 5" here in Davis and still snowing steadily with the radar looking good. Anyone who can get away for the day tomorrow will be rewarded with wonderful powder.
February 27, 2006
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Your weather sta is reporting the highest temp for the day right now at 545 pm(22.4) a little warm air trying to work into the system...still powder for now!
March 1, 2006
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Thanks jonjon for the Powder Alert. Your timing was good as I was able to get packed and on the road before mrs jimmy really had time to object (much).


Anyone who can get away for the day tomorrow will be rewarded with wonderful powder.

Great snow no doubt but I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY Timberline felt the need to groom everything on the map from edge to edge. Yup, everything but that bit of thunderdraft from the pumphouse to the mid station. WHY COULDN'T THEY GROOM IT AT 5:00pm Monday when they closed and let the pow pile up or LEAVE OFF THE WALL AND THE DROP UNGROOMED or GROOM WHITE LIGHTNING AT 5:00pm MONDAY SO THEY'D HAVE SUM POW TO SKI?

Sorry to rant all over your alert jonjon. Really it was a great day, very cold am, warmer with blue skies pm. The groomers are leaving some nice rollers on OTW, i'll call them training whales, that are great fun, Thunderstruck stayed packed and smooth all day, WL and The Drop bumped up nicely once all that GROOMED SNOW got cut up......another sweet day in a sweet season, wish you were here!

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