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February 26, 2006
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Had time for quick session this morning (actually first time I got out this year as I didnt get as pass @ SS or Wisp b/c I didn't know which one I'd be getting a place at .....next yr looking to make up for the lost time )

So, I havent been to Wisp since last season. Conditions were pretty good, generally machine made (about a dusting of new snow throughout the morning). Some icy spots but not many....the machine made texture of Wisp was pretty soft, which I liked (at SS, sometimes the machine made is too rough)

Checked out North Camp, was pretty impressed good terrain, I esp liked "over the edge" but was a little icy today. Best part I thought was that on a fairly busy Sunday, no lift lines on the North Camp's lifts. So a nice place to get away when the main lifts get too crowded.

Main St. was closed due to a GS race, but got to ski every other trial.

Generally had fun, enjoyed the Wisp-charm that first drew me to the place...like the view of Marsh Run Cove on the way down.

Only suggestion, and I've heard it time and time again, NEED TO GET A HIGH SPEED LIFT. Would make things sooo much better. Its the one thing I miss from SS, being able to zoom up in a few minutes...maybe next yr?

Cant wait to get back, hopefully when theres more natural snow

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