Sugar won't open until 29 Nov
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November 28, 2003
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I guess they are waiting for this snow to arrive...


SUGAR MOUNTAIN, NC: Due to the delay in cold weather, Sugar Mountain Resort will
reopen Saturday, November 29th instead of today for the 2003-2004 season. After an early but
temporary opening on November 15th Sugar looks forward to reopening for a long, snowy and cold
2003-04 season.

The Resort plans to open Saturday for the day session with the Yellow Lift in operation to the
’s station servicing Upper & Lower Flying Mile. Weekday rates will be in effect.

For more information on conditions, additional slope and lift openings, please contact Sugar
Mountain Resort at 800-SUGAR MT or go online


March 30, 2004
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I was there on nov 15. it was snow and i couldnt wait to get back on it. they said weekday prices but no student discounts. so it was 35 dollars to ride that trash. the lift at sugar is so slow and they dont have the nicest staff either. i stay away from sugar unless they are the first to open and i cant wait to ride.
sugar over priced
the good side to sugar is the runs are long and kinda steep on the blacks.

goods dont outweigh the bads though.
go to app ski mtn
small but tons of fun. been a member there for years and will continue to be a member for years to come. app ski mtn best snow in nc and overall a great place to ski or ride. hands down best park in the southest tops snowshoes park. not nearly as big but the features are way better. app has 3 or 4 flat rails a double kink a 36 foot flat to down kink thats huge and sits super high, a 40 foot s rail, a rainbow, fun box and a wall ride. you dont see one of those anywhere else in the southeast. they are gonna get new stuff next season as well.
app 4 life in the east
snowbird 4 life in the west

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