Blue Knob and Rentals
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February 22, 2006
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We are going to Blue Knob this weekend on sunday.

Last time we went, on 1/28 and 1/29, we had a poor experience with the rental skis. We are relative beginners again, starting again after 12 year break, and the skis did not go smoothly thru the snow. They seemed to stop and grab and snow. It was a cold day, so the snow was not mushy yet. I did not think much of it but my wife and kids had a harder time. Especially compared to the rentals at Whitetail and Wisp at which we went 3 times this year.

Has anyone experienced this at Blue Knob? Could it be the rentals are not waxed properly? Should we rent elsewhere for a weekend trip?


Dave K
February 22, 2006
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I am Blue Knob's newest number-one fan, but after taking my ski club out there, I can tell you their rentals aren't the greatest. Old rear-entry boots and no wax on the skis was pretty common among people renting. Some people did luck out with better equipment; but if you want to guarantee a good ride, I would rent elsewhere.
Mountain Masher
February 22, 2006
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BK doesn't wax, repair the bottoms of, or replace their rental skis and boards too often simply because of the rocky terrain that can often be found there. More times than not, the rental equipment is trashed on Stembogan or in the glades, so it wouldn't make much sense for BK to try to maintain pristine equipment.
February 28, 2006
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Well we went to blue knob over the weekends. The rentals were substantially better. They said they waxed all their skis 2 weeks prior.

Snow was much worse, a sheet of ice on sunday, was very cold, 12 degrees when we left 6:30 sunday night, and the previous day was very warm and sunny.

Had a great time.

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