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February 21, 2006
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Wow - this winter season has been a blast. Introduced to snowboarding in Utah. Month later had 3 days of lessons at WinterPark CO <LOVED IT!> and now back home pulled pork and Carolina BBQing. I have another week to goof off and I am thinking of either hitting Timberline. Is there anywhere else that I should consider this side of the country? I'm still planning on taking more lessons but am concerned that Timberline will lend to less boarding and a lot more walking; Salamander prospect. I just learned that snowshoe has a great military rate for lodging and lift, but that it may not be ideal for beginner boarders ala lessons. So I'm scouting out places to go this coming week.
Thanks in advance.
February 22, 2006
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I wouldn't dismiss Snowshoe for beginners. The Silver Creek area has a variety of more gently terrain and far less people. I am not a boarder so I can't speak of the run out at the bottom (if you would have to walk or not) but as a skier, I've never had to skate.

If you have the opportunity to get away mid week then the combination of terrain, no crowds, village style of resort, Snowshoe is probably pretty darn fun.

I have had friends take snowboarding lessons at Canaan Valley Ski Resort (next to Timberline) and they were plenty amused at trying to stay upright and not crack the back of their melon open for most of the day.


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