Where to Stay at Various Resorts?
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February 10, 2006
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Where does everyone stay at the various resorts? I don't like getting price gauged by staying at the lodges so I try to stay at a reasonable hotel a few miles away...

Resort | Place to Stay
Wisp | Comfort Inn
7 Springs | ???
Snow Shoe | ???
Timberline| ???
Canaan | ???

Just curious if someone can help fill this out . I want to go to 7 Springs but I do not want to pay $200/night. Can anyone point me in the direction of staying in a hotel that isn't too far away from the slopes?


February 10, 2006
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First of all, Welcome to DCSki!

I'll pitch my two cents worth in but I'm sure many of the other folks on this board will have some great ideas as well:
Canaan/Timberline: Canaan Lodge is a decent hotel/motel and runs a shuttle to/from the Canaan Ski area. It's only a couple of miles to Timberline ski area from there.

Snowshoe: I personally always stay on the mountain-top in a townhome style condo but you could stay in Cass or you could stay in Slaty-Fork, or further down the road is Marlinton which has several Motels.

February 10, 2006
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For Timberline/Canaan, I asked on here about a place called Deerfield not too long ago and got some good feedback.

I then had the chance to stay there and really liked it.
About 3 miles from all the slopes, completely equipped townhouses, very nice. All have woodburning fireplaces, most have a jacuzzi. Very nice restaurant and quiet bar on-site. One bedroom is about $150 a night sleeps 4 I think....very nice overall.

Of course, if you just want a hotel room this isn't it...
February 10, 2006
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For 7 Springs I stay at the Holiday Inn in Somerset. Clean, reasonably priced and if Mr. Bickle are playing in the bar pretty good fun. It's about 20 minutes from the resort so not too bad. I'm staying in a B&B this weekend, I'l let you know what I think.
February 10, 2006
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For 7 springs, we stayed at a b & b called Log Haven.


It's run by a retired couple from the DC area. They have 2 rooms to rent, private, comfortabe, great breakfast and all for the right price. The b & b part is separated from their home and the location from 7 springs is superb, just make a left out of their driveway, a right turn at the next intersection and a few miles down on your left is 7 springs. Enjoy.

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