Hidden Valley as off the 8th
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February 9, 2006
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They are blowing tons of snow and the bare spots should all be gone this weekend, skiing is mostly packed powder with some loose stuff and some icey spots mixed in. Coverage will be great though. Also Expect North Summit to have more open by sunday than has been all year. too bad I am going up to Vermont to take my L2 teaching and missing out on great weekend back home.
February 9, 2006
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Sounds good to me!

I'll be up on Sunday with a church group, and I've been promising people snow...
February 11, 2006
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Was up at Hidden Valley today for a few hours.

Pulled into the North Summit parking lot, to see that the North Summit Express was not running. Realizing we couldn't park there if the lift wasn't working, we went over to the main lodge, and paid $3 for "preferred parking" ("preferred" yah right)

I've heard rumors that season pass holders don't actually have to pay to park at this lot, is this true? I've never tried before.

Anyway, it was while parking that we found out from one of the lot attendants that the North Summit had been open in the morning, but that the lift had broken down about twenty minutes before we arrived. I don't know whether they had to evacuate the lift or whether they got everyone to the top using backup power, lets hope for the latter.

Anyway, other than that, it was an absolutely perfect day. The slopes were a little crowded with all the extra skiers being packed into one side of the mountain, but there was definately enough snow to go around, and lift lines were still shorter than those at 7S most days.

I'll be heading up again tommorrow with a church group. I'm hoping North Summit is open again by then, otherwise I'll probably get horribly bored. The main slope just doesn't have enough challenging terrain to keep me interested for more than a few hours.
snowsmith - DCSki Supporter 
February 13, 2006
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I was there on Sunday and all the lifts were working. The place was quite busy. Ironically, I was returning from a ski trip to the Canadian Rockies and my flight to Baltimore was cancelled. I elected to fly to Pittsburg, rent a car and drive to Hidden Valley. Since I had all my equipment, I skied HV for a few hours. They received about 6" of fresh powder and had some snow guns working. I skied the fresh powder on Road Runner. Ironically, in 5 days of skiing in the Canadian Rockies, it never snowed.
The owners of HV are milking the place of everything they can including timber. They are a disgraceful bunch. I am not surprised that the lifts are breaking down.
JimK - DCSki Columnist
February 13, 2006
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Snowsmith, can you give us a couple paragraphs about your Canadian trip? Where you went, what you liked, etc.
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