05-06 Snowfall totals vs last year
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February 7, 2006
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Dave Lesher posted up on his website this AM that Canaan Valley has just passed 100" total snow this year with the weekend storm (he has recorded 102.5" at Canaan Heights thus far). He notes that it was March 2 before the Valley surpassed 100" last year (04-05, 162" total snowfall), and 26 January the year before (03-04, 196" total).

So this year still seems on track to exceed Valley averages; however, the Valley has had a tough time holding onto its snow in between storms this year. The subfreezing temps forecast through at least President's Day should keep things all white up there for the first extended period since December.

I noticed from the Tline snow report and web cams that Mountain Ops has the snow guns blazing. I'm expecting some of the best conditions of the year this weekend and next - regardless of any additional snows (though more natural snow will be needed to open up any glades or make Silver Streak hospitable for something other than rock skis). I imagine conditions at Wisp and Snowshoe will be great also.

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