Kids' lessons, plus good daycare?
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February 8, 2000
I'm looking for a place close to D.C. where I can:
a) get a four-year-old his first ski lesson
b) get a one-year-old into high quality daycare

Can anybody tell me about experiences with daycare at nearby resorts?


February 14, 2000
Try Hidden Valley in Pennsylvania. They have a great learn to ski program for 4 year olds. You need to make a reservation on the weekend. They also have day care. Two of my kids have been through their ski-wee program. They have a great staff and a new magic carpet which the kids love. We also have a two year old we leave at the day care. They have some really nice ladies, and my son loves it. We are heading back for the long weekend. Call 814-443-6454 for more information. Good luck.
February 15, 2000
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Also look into the Pocono ski areas in PA, especially Camelback and Jack Frost. Both of these areas, Camelback the most, have often been mentioned in national ski magazines as having fantastic childrens' ski schools. From personal experience, both were great when I last used them 15 years ago.
Be sure to call before going to make sure their nursery takes 1 year olds.
February 21, 2000
Try Ski Liberty. There is a wonderful Ski Camp program for ages 4 - 10. And really good daycare for babies (6 months to ?). Make sure you make reservations especially on the weekends.

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