Snowshoe wastewater problems + growth insight
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February 4, 2006
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Article discusses problems with growth vs. the county... but what is interesting is that Snowshoe plans to increase condo units by 100% by 2010 (to over 1000+).
February 5, 2006
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I think it would be nice to see them slapped with a little bit more harsh punishment for violating the waste regulations. Also, increasing condo units by that much is insane. Snowshoe is a big mountain but certainly not that big. I couldn't imagine that many people jammed into that area. I think Intrawest is taking the "development" a little too far.
February 5, 2006
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They better open some terrain if they are doubling the condos. However, does this include Silver Creek?
February 5, 2006
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No matter how much Intrawest adds on TOP of the mountain--- it's still gonna be the same ol' WV mountain roads to get there! Corridor H is great for CV, but doesn't do much for Snowshoe past Moorefield where you have to drop South on 55/28. H will swing way North then back down to Elkins. Even driving a bit faster, you have to go so many miles out of your way, you won't save any time staying on H (whenever that is done - 10+ yrs???). Besides, they tell me the vast majority of SS Winter customers come up from the South anyway.
People have to get the "ski" part out of their minds. SS is becoming a 4-Season resort ala The Homestead/Greenbrier and is aiming at the Convention trade for the Summer. The new Convention Center will take up that empty space between the Village and Shavers Ctr.
February 5, 2006
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Yeah, I heard they were getting rid of skiing and turning their winter focus to intelectual fireside conversation. Man, Intrawest is ruining that place
Roger Z
February 5, 2006
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I was surprised about the costs. Seems to me that if Snowshoe is the source of the problem, they should be required to front most of the charges. It would hardly be noticeable to the average martini drinker up on that mountain anyway.

And I can't see how eminent domain can be justified in this case, though I don't know the West Virginia law. If there are other sites within a reasonable price range, it's hard to argue that the site is unique and therefore subject to seizure, particularly when a number of other public goods- Native American and American historical sites, trout streams, karts- are potentially threatened by the plant.
February 5, 2006
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Just to interject regarding Rogers E.D. comment, local state senator from Moorefield/Elkins that I've met with personally has introduced legislation for E.D. to only be used in specific cases for public roads, public/gov based buildings, and a very limited scope of uses. it's not law yet, but he's pushing hard and it appears everone all the way up through Manchin appears to support it.
February 6, 2006
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I'll be very upset if they harm the trout fishing.

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