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February 4, 2006
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I think this speaks for itself:

whitetail base
February 4, 2006
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Dont worry, Sunday is a turning point in the season. Come Tuesday, Everything will be buried.

Oh yeah, Did I mention CV, T-Line, And good ol 4848 are expecting over 1' of snow?? Forecast here of 2-3". Followed by highs for the week not getting into the 40's. Lows in the upper teens, You can bet ill be blowin
February 4, 2006
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The upside I guess is watching all of it turn white again. Snowmakers will the soggy ground impede this any?
February 6, 2006
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Interesting article about what is happening in EU concerning skiing. The major point made is that within a few years any resort's slopes below 4000 feet is going to be the big muddy. http://news.independent.co.uk/environment/article343557.ece

Global warming is here folks, enjoy the snow while we can. Time to develop snow guns that can crank it out at 45 degrees!
Roger Z
February 6, 2006
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The flip side to that is in an article I saw earlier this year... wish I could remember where. It said most of the resort towns added lifts at a time of sustained cooling in Europe which was unreflective of longer term averages. In other words, even if European temperatures reverted to average, a number of lower elevation ski resorts there would be in big trouble. Global warming doesn't help, but it's not the only thing to blame for why poor Prince Harry is going to have to find a new ski slope.

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