What Do We Want? Snow! When Do We Want It? Now!
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January 30, 2006
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Which side are you on?

Nation's Snowmen March Against Global Warming


The protest was largely peaceful, disrupted only by a disturbing incident in which one distraught snowman hurled himself into the reflecting pool of the National Mall. He suffered third-degree slush on over 90 percent of his body before rescuers could recover him. He was rushed to a local meat locker where he was pronounced melted on arrival.

January 31, 2006
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Awh twin, thanks for sharing this, reading about their plight really touched me. Much like skiers and riders, snowmen spend a great deal of time outdoors, maybe they need to wear more sunscreen. Heaven forbid they have to spend more time indoors in the fridge. I'm on the side that wants more snow NOW!

Ski and Tell

Snowcat got your tongue?

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