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January 26, 2006
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Snowbasin, getting more crowded and more expensive each year, but still a hidden gem.

You ain't driving up to Whitetail...

Earl Holding is such a modest man.

Pretty nice day lodge, eh?

In the lap of luxury.

The John Paul area (and lift) looking above the Needles Express Gondola.

The Middle Bowl Cirque. The traverse to get to it is generally more challenging than the Cirque itself, but some nice consistent open fall-line pow can often be found here.

View down the area around the Strawberry Express. Mellow pitch, some groomed, some ungroomed, but some fun hidden terrain features to play with. Note the Gondola line and the Gondola base in the mid-picture. If you can look past the view...

Yep, the Olympic speed events were held here.

Wish this wuz a good snow year. Sure glad I don't have to shovel the walk.

Another view down the mellow pitch but scenic views of the Strawberry Express area. Still, some steep chutes at the top followed by some high speed Super-G for the rest, not a bad 2500 feet of vertical. I didn't complain.

Lone Tree Chute. The top was tougher than it looks, since it was heavily rutted with only a couple of lines down it.

Looking down the start of the Men's Olympic Grizzly downhill. It was a bit more bumped up this day than race day, which made my initial decision to try to run it at speed a bit suspect.

Top of the Grizzly Downhill viewed from below. The chute to the right is very nice. People have recently died in the cliff areas to the left (just out of the picture.) Know your terrain.

I swear those things date from the Ming Dynasty.

Yeah, I felt real stoopid taking this picture, but I have no shame. How often do you see real granite flooring, marble splashboard, and chrome pipes in a public loo? The after picture looked a lot worse...
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