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January 25, 2006
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Grandfather Mtn,North carolina had a wind gust of 187 MPH a couple of weeks ago. I forgot to post that info,but this last weather system has just produced a wind gust that they estimate topped out at 215-220 MPH!!! They had to guess at the speed because the instruments broke at 200MPH.The gust moved a 300 lbs boulder & damaged the welcome center up there.Grandfather Mtn is just shy of 6000' & is in the Boone(ski) area. It is the next peak to the east of sugar mtn.....Makes those 30 to 40mph gusts at the top of TL seem tame.Anybody know what is the highest wind recorded at any of the WV,VA, or PA mtn's?
January 25, 2006
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Highest wind gusts by state? Wow, that is a great question.
Here's what I found for Virginia:
Highest recorded wind: 134 mph, Cape Henry, 1944

A great website with all the state's weather records:
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