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January 24, 2006
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As you may have noticed, I posted DCSki's annual "call for donations" on the home page. DCSki is a free site and will remain so, but DCSki Donations provides an opportunity for readers to contribute a small amount of money to help fund the site and its ongoing enhancement. Here are some notes about donations:

- If you donate at least $20, you will receive a DCSki Lapel Pin, and a "DCSki Supporter" icon will show up next to your name in the DCSki Message Forums (if you have created a forum account).

- If you would like to donate but have already received lapel pin(s) in the past and don't need any more, include a note with your donation indicating this.

- You can donate as little as $1.

- No one should feel any pressure to donate money (especially if you have donated in the past). Other ways to support the site include being an active contributor to the Message Forums, telling DCSki advertisers that you saw their ad on DCSki and appreciate their support of DCSki, and clicking on ads that you find interesting.

To learn more about donations, click here.

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