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Scott - DCSki Editor
November 16, 2003
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Hi folks,

The Washington Post ran an article a few days ago titled "Hop on the Bunny Slope," providing a primer for Mid-Atlantic skiing. You may view the article by copying and pasting the following URL into your browser:


DCSki received mention in the article:

"You might start by checking out DCSki (www.dcski.com). Operated by local skier M. Scott Smith with the help of a volunteer staff of unpaid columnists, DCSki provides lots of links to area ski resorts, along with event listings, news updates, resort profiles, and weather and snow-condition reports, making it a terrific one-stop resource."

The article has lots of useful info about picking ski gear, finding out about local clubs, picking a resort to visit, and more. (I think the Post cycles out articles after a couple weeks, so visit the article while it's still publicly accessible.)

- Scott

November 16, 2003
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Congrats to Scott and the DCSki article writers for the mention in the Post. As I recall, DCSki was the first (or nearly the first) Internet resource listed in the article.
November 17, 2003
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Good comments johnfmh!

You're right. I see so many new skiers fall down when someone flies past them, even 10 feet away. Our local mountains can only survive with helping to keep new skiers comfortable on the slopes. Because, as we get better, we keep having dreams to go to bigger mountains.

Also, congrats Scott. DC Ski doesn't get the praise it deserves.

johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
November 18, 2003
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Good article. Congrats Scott.

One thing the article mentioned is that this area gets a lot of first time skiers. We at DCSki need to look out for these new skiers and try to make their experience more enjoyable. If we don't, this sport will not suvive.

Helping a beginner does not mean trying to teach them how to ski. Leave that job to professional instructors. What it does mean is stopping and helping people get back into their skis. Telling the lift operator to slow a lift down while a beginner loads. Always pulling the bar down on the chair to make a new skier more comfortable on the lift. And of course, slowing down while passing and giving new skiers an audible warning before you pass. Sometimes these poor souls will get so scared when a better skier passes them that they will fall down on purpose. Don't let this happen. Be nice.... Ok, I will get down from my soapbox.

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