7springs TR 1/19/05
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January 20, 2006
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Well after my classes finished up, looking outside at 50 degree sunny day, I couldnt resist to go skiing somewhere.

Last night I choose 7springs, mainly to ski bumps(which is my weakest skill set), and to ski with Jim Pottinger. I was on my way up the express at 3:00. Took my first run down gaint steps first impression realy weird snow 6 inches of mush on top of a rock hard base. Got over the slowest lift in the world(gunnar triple). Took the next run down yodler top pitch was nice, and the trail reminded me alot of VT ski trails with twist, turn, slight changes in fall line. I liked the top more than the bottom.

It was a pretty ho hum untill right after the sunset, at which point dull edges and my aggresiveness where not a good mix. After about 3 turns down tyrol slope I hit glass going very very fast, slide sideways catch edges in soft snow land on my feet but going backwards hurry up get o stop and was very very shaken. Scariest non crash I have done in my life.

At 6 I meet up with one of the best instructors in PA imo. Jim P, we worked on thinking about the future in turns ie getting you CM forward at th start and staying that way(something that was pionted out on epic that I dont do). This helped alot, I notice a difference after the clinic was over especially in short turns and bumps(yeah!!!!), even though we worked mostly in Railroad track turns to learn the movement. Again thank JIM.

As for springs, there was good to great coverage on all the snow making slopes. Stowe has pretty good bumps on it, while goosebumps does not. there was even some snow left in the Yak Yak glades. Sry for the long TR and everyone have fun this weekend;).
January 29, 2006
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who attends clinics with Jim?
January 29, 2006
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Any area instructors, just show up at 6pm and introduce yourself

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