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January 16, 2006
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This gentleman is probably more accurate than the Weather Big Boys (e.g. Weather Channel, Accuweather, etc.)
From today's Johnstown (PA) Tribune Democrat

Forecaster predicts white, wet weather

The Tribune-Democrat

Keep the snow shovels handy through the end of March, then dig out the umbrellas.

George Acker is calling for plenty of winter weather during the next 10 weeks, followed by greater-than-normal levels of rain in the spring and fall.

Acker, an 83-year-old retired farmer from Morrisons Cove, has spent the past several weeks studying weather patterns, along with the expected times and dates of the moon changes through the end of the year for his yearlong weather predictions.

"I think May might be a pretty wet month. I'm going pretty much by the moon and the times when the weather changes," Acker said from his home.

"When the moon changes in the morning, there will be more rain than when it changes in the p.m."

Acker has had a strong interest in the weather for years. About a quarter century ago, he began writing down his predictions and sharing them with others.

"Ever since I was a kid, I've watched the weather," Acker said. "I never said much to anyone about it, but I'd listen to old people and pick up their ideas."

Through the years, Acker has developed a loyal following.

Acker said he can't explain why people are so interested.

But he goes out of his way to make sure his forecasts reach followers in Philadelphia as well as New York, Ohio and Virginia.

He even has a cousin who gives his forecasts to people in the weather prediction capital of the world - Punxsutawney.

Acker bases his predictions for the next 12 months on the weather at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, coupled with a complicated chart of moon changes in the 2006 Baer's Almanac, in preparing his forecasts in three-day segments.

If all holds as Acker predicts, parts of February and March should be relatively fair, while snowstorms and cold will account for about half of the weather.

There will be lots of rain in April and May, with some violent thunderstorms in June and July, he predicted.

The first sign of local impact from a hurricane is set for the end of July, with a threat in August and two more in September and October, Acker predicted.

It was the hurricanes of the summer and fall, especially Katrina and Rita, that remain a concern for Acker.

"Last year was tricky," he said. "I didn't do as good as I should have."

This time around, he is predicting four hurricanes, which he says could have an impact on the region.

"I only have four predicted and I think we'll get hit by two," he said.

The moon is now playing a greater role in Acker's predictions than it has in the past.

"We've been having a goofy moon," he said. "One that jumps around like monkeys three days before a full moon. That's been happening since Oct. 27, 2004. When that happens we get a lot of pretty heavy storms."

Forget the woolly-bear caterpillars, Acker insisted. They are not an accurate sign of impending harsh winters.

But he will be paying close attention on Feb. 2, when Punxsutawney Phil comes out of jos groundhog hole to the screams of thousands.

"If he doesn't see his shadow," Acker said, "then you've got a mixed-up season to come."

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