Tline "ground" report Sat 12:30am
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January 14, 2006
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Alright, I'm here. Approx 3400' elev. staring at Salamander probably 300 yards in front of me. On the ground conditions:

38 degrees
More breezy than windy.

6:30 PM: 58 degrees p/c:Temp when I got here.
9:30 PM: 48 degrees STEADY RAIN.
10PM: 45 degrees STEADY RAIN
Midnight: 41 degrees Rain
Now: 38 Degrees RAIN.

Nice trend developing here, hoping for the best.... But all rain right now. Predictions seem favorable; however, tomorrow could be a tough day out there - though with snow, Sunday could be doubly-nice. At least that's what Tline paid me to say.

January 14, 2006
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At 7 AM it is snowing now. Temp is down to 30, steady snow just starting to accumulate - only a trace now.
johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
January 14, 2006
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Thanks. I'm still contemplating a trip and your post is pushing me to go for it.

Also, the radar images show a band of snow coming through. This seems to be back-end of the storm snow, but perhaps we'll get some lake effect as well.

January 14, 2006
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John, have you left yet? About an inch here on the western front, still snowing, now they're calling for 1 to 3 in Wheeling.
January 14, 2006
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Philippi, 2000' feet or so.

5"+ on the ground already. lots more on the truck and deck.

The valley should be doing good this weekend.

YOu have to take into effect im on the side of the mountain that gets all the drifts too...the wind blows straight at my front door. I usually have an inch or so more snow than my neighbor on the other side of the road.
January 15, 2006
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John, Jimmy and anyone else interested. Sorry for the late update - busy day.

Currrent 22 degrees, light snow
Total Accum is 4-6 inches.
Timberline is blowing snow now (didn't during day)

Today, was an exhibition-weight day. Snowed and blew all day long. Top of the mountain was brutal with high winds (30-40 mph), mid to upper 20s and blowing snow. Salamander had gusts that stopped us dead in our tracks and actually pushed my 42 inch tall daughter uphill. It was a tough day on the mountain.

Dust on crust. Top of mountain was glossed and buffed by the wind. Almost Heaven was finally open and had most of the snow blown off the top half of the slope to leave pure ice. Lower half of the mountain has collected most of the blown snow and offered the best skiing. The new snow is feather light. Not enough snow for the trees.

Up side:

CROWDS ARE NILL - seriously today was like a busy March ski day. Minimal lines even on the Thunderdraft. No lift problems (the lifts were blowing around pretty good up top though). The atmosphere is great - very laid back for a holiday weekend. Snow returns the Valley to its mid-winter look and feel. Actually even with all the weather challenges I believe everyone in our large (6 family) group had a great time skiing - including many first time kids and parents returning to the sport after extended hiatuses - and everyone skied the whole day up to 4-4:30.

Looking forward tomorrow, though winds are still in forecast. Monday looks to be a really nice ski day.

John/Jimmy it's definately worth coming up for what's left of the weekend.

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