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February 2, 2000
Hi I'm going to be at snowshoe for a week starting Sunday. Does anyone know how i may able to get a deal on lift tickets? The way I'm figuring it will be about $500 for 5 days and 2 nights for me and the wife
March 21, 2000
This reply is coming late, and you probably have either A) went to and gotten there prices or B) got a pamphlet from somewhere. But, just for the heck of it...
$500.00 is about on par. They will usually offer you a deal on the tickets IF you buy them with your room. The problems there are you do not know what the conditions are going to be, even in late Jan/early Feb., so you may end up wasting a day (not me though!) or you decide that there is something more important to do than ski and miss a morning or afternoon, and thus, have wasted some $$. We got a package deal with room and lodging (4 days, 3 nights) for around $700.00 We bought our tickets with the room, and of course, one of the days was almost impossible to ski. The rest was wonderful! Look around, ask questions,a dn you can usually find a nice deal. Spring is the best,a dn I know the Shoe has had some great spring conditions!
Good luck

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