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January 8, 2006
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Did anyone else ski TLine Saturday? Was that pristine powder or what? The steady light fluff started Friday night into Saturday and made for stellar conditions slopeside on Saturday. Even with the flocks of scouts on site, I never stood in line for more than a minute or so (running the Silver Streak lift had a lot to do with that I expect). Even the Drop which is normally pretty well glazed over had some decent powder runs on the left and ride sides. I normally won't run for more than 6 or 7 hours but Saturday kept me on the mountain a good 10 hours (not including the 40 minutes at lunch to suck down a burger and 2 Blue Moon drafts at Timbers). I do regret not running OTW but the Thin Cover trail head sign and passing comments from one of the Ski Patrol spooked me. I just got the Atomic's edges and base repaired from a week of dodging gravel patches at Whiteface over Christmas...definitely didn't want to have to spend another few hours in the garage Ptexing and filing like I did last week. This was also my first shot at Twister...it wasn't open two weekends ago. Some of the turns are interesting but the bottom half feeding into Winterset is pretty heinous. You really have to keep speed down the hill before the tunnel to make a decent run of it without having to pole the flats at the bottom runout.

Sunday's snow was considerably heavier and started to drag for me by mid day. Temps were running mid 40's by the time I jumped in the car for the trek home Sunday. Probably should have left after breakfast but even mediocre skiing beats none at all. Don't want to drone on....just wanted to see if anyone else got to run TL Saturday. Also, did anyone run OTW Saturday? Curious if anyone can corroberate conditions. ((lie to me if you have to---tell me it was nothing but roots & rocks))
North Conway
January 9, 2006
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Thin Cover trail head sign had me thinking, but ran OTW anyway. No rocks or roots that I recall. The Drop was the place to be.....
January 9, 2006
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I was there on both sat and sun. If you were an early bird, the skiing was probably the best of the year. I'm not a freak for table-flat surfaces, but the grooming and the velvet surface put a smile on my face on sun. The place to be was the drop. Enjoy it now if you like it groomed because eventually they will let it bump up.
January 9, 2006
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I wish I was there. I had to try to finally get rid of this darn cold I've had for two weeks (had it during my X-Mas Disney trip and Cruise ) Also, I had to help my daughter with her book-report. I'm heading to Summit county for 8 days of skiing starting 1/14/06 though...

January 9, 2006
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I was there on Sunday and I'll agree that the groomers were all in fantastic shape, esp. the drop which remained awesome all day because of the lack of crowds. I did run Off the Wall and it got better with each run throughout the day as the sun softened up all the moguls on the right side. In the morning that run was pretty slick though, had to be on your game. All and all a great day for 17 bucks
January 11, 2006
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Regretting not taking the chance on OTW. I've gotten gun shy about potential ski damage and tend not to take the chances I once did with thin cover areas.

The forecast for this Saturday is a mirror of last Saturday. Warm temps all week than a Friday evening drop in temps into Saturday with a forecast for continued snow. Sweet!!!

I'll be there....anyone else?
January 11, 2006
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Hey GlennC, The Drop was the place to be on Saturday; soft baby bumps in the PM. Did make it over to OTW on Sunday for one run over the whales and down skiers left, man was it crowded, coverage seemed good. Conditions were sweet everywhere but the trees ya?

I'm curious what you all thought of Twister?

Be back weekend after the holiday; MLK too crowded for me. Forecast for CV starting to look good though. Enjoy the snow hole!
January 11, 2006
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Jimmy---yup, spent a good part of the day on the Drop. They had some center glazing but the powder drifts on the left and right were just too perfect. Not a lot of trail traffic either.

Twister in a nutshell for me---I loved the upper half. It's got some fun angles and the sharp inside turns following the fall line gave some short steep drops that were alot of fun. Also a few little off piste side forays along the woodline made for an interesting run but it gets a little too flat feeding into Winterset for my tastes. I did speak to some self proclaimed intermediate level boyscout skiers that day that absolutely loved it.
January 11, 2006
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Twister seems to be all the rage for all the (as you say) self-proclaimed intermediates. What I liked most is that it seemed to draw the crowds off Dew Drop over Christmas week. Agree with all regrading the Drop - awesome slope with absolute zero crowds when I was there too (2 weeks ago now). I'm hoping for a little good will from Ullr for this weekend, but as always will take whatever the heavens provide - ski in all conditions!

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