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January 6, 2006
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Well i just got into snowboarding and was wondering what is the best resort around for a daily drive. I went today to wintergreen but i'm home from college break in richmond so it was only a 2hr drive. I want to make lots of day trips and only have classes tues, wed, thurs so was considering their weekly season pass. A friend told me about whitetail but its still maybe 1hr 45mins (guess) from dc and the season pass is 545 for students.

Should i look at massanutten as a possible also or what?
Just looking to see which resort to get a pass to and which is the best in terms of conditions, trails, distance.

January 6, 2006
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Massanutten probably isn't worth a pass. If your looking for something close (less than 1hr 30min) a whitetail/liberty/roundtop season pass is probably your best bet. One pass for all three resorts will give you the most variety in the area. Think about it 60ish slopes to ski between the 3, vs 10 at massanutten...
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January 6, 2006
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Check websites of Whitetail and Liberty. They are the two closest ski areas to DC (<90 mins). Bryce is two hours away and is pretty small, but they sell a season pass for only $150 that is good every day except Saturdays and Holidays. Ditto for Wintergreen (3hrs) at $189.
I always thought Massanutten and Roundtop (about 2:15 and 1:45 hrs respectively) had a pretty active if small snowboard parks, check their sites too for pass rates.
January 6, 2006
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Not sure I understand your question. You are home in Richmond, but want to ski when you are at school? So you are looking for someplace close to school, not Richmond right? If so, where do you go to school, in DC?
January 7, 2006
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Massanutten has a pass for $189 that gets you on the mountain any time except Saturday during the day.

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