Less Expensive MultiDay Tickets for Vail?
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January 5, 2006
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I am going to Vail for 6 days beginning mid-month. Anyone kn0ow of a cheaper multi-day ticket, or single day tickets that are better than the Vail 5 out of 8 day ticket at $320!

The Colonel
January 5, 2006
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Try the King Sooper's (It's a grocery store). Sometimes they have deals on the tickets.
January 5, 2006
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Check out the Peaks Pass; good at all Vail Resorts [we usually reload our Peaks Pass when we go to Heavenly].

Here is the info link at Heavenly : http://www.skiheavenly.com/tickets_rentals/peaks_rewards/
I can't seem to find an info link at Vail but here is the sign up link:

Depending how much you ski, the discounts can be decent, plus the Peaks Pass can be reloaded from year to year and used at all Vail Company resorts.
January 5, 2006
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I'm in the same boat. Hitting up Vail for 5 days of skiing in mid-February. I was psyched for the trip at first, as I'll be going with like 15 guys, almost all of whom are expert skiers. However, the trip is turning out mighty expensive, even with bargain airfare I finally found. Here's the breakdown so far:

-$200 roundtrip Dulles-Denver
-$140 roundtrip shuttle (CME) Denver-Vail
-$340-$375 (not sure which) for 5 day lift ticket
-$400 4 nights in a townhouse at the Vail Racket Club.

Throw in food/drink/misc. and I'm looking at easily $250 a day. I've got to believe I could ski Utah for far less.

Anyway, I've researched, and haven't found anything other than the Peaks pass, which still only gives modest discounts. Last year I bought passes to Breck on ebay for like half-price, but can't seem to find the deal for Vail.

The best deal, it seems, would be a Colorado Superpass, which for $300, gives you 10 days at Vail, and unlimited skiing at the Summit county resorts. It's only available to CO residents, however, and I don't think it's still for sale.

I considered skiing in Summit County for a day or two if it was cheaper, but after 3 or 4 days at Vail, my marginal cost per-day drops well below the price of a ticket at Breck, A Basin, or Copper.
January 6, 2006
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Yay!! Something I can contribute!

I am now living out in Denver and I have searched high and low for discount tickets to Vail for friends who come to visit me and for friends here who don't have the pass (I have the Colorado pass which includes ten days at Vail).

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you are not going to find any discount tickets anywhere. Vail is being really stingy about offering discounted tix to Vail for non pass holders (they do have discounts during blackout dates for pass holders though). King Soopers doesn't sell them, the rental shops aren't selling them. However, they are selling discounted tickets for the other Vail resorts (Breck, Keystone and A-Basin). I just got a $59 ticket (normally $75) for a friend at the kiosk at a rental shop for Breckenridge during the holiday period.

The PEAKS card is just a frequent skier card. It does track the amount of tickets you buy, 1,000 points for each full price ticket that is bought. Once you reach 10,000 points, you can get a free ticket. One good thing about the PEAKS card is that you can combine multiple "family" members into one account (I put my girlfriend on mine) and combing their points balance to get a free ticket. I scored a free ticket to Vail when I came out to visit the University of Denver, where I am currently studying for my Masters. One caveat though, it takes two weeks for the points to show up on your account to submit for the free ticket. So if you're going to be in Vail for more than two weeks, thinking you're going to get a free ticket is foolish.

When you guys come up, let me know. I love Vail, it's definitely quickly turning into my favorite mountain. I'd love to ski with some true quality Mid-A skiiers who know what skiing is! Ohh and with the Colorado Pass, we can get discounts for friends who go skiing with us. So if you bring me along, I can get you a small discount on the walkup rate.

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