Wintergreen discounts?
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January 4, 2006
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Anyone know any wintergreen discount tickets, coupons or offers?

January 4, 2006
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Well, of course they have the $189 mid-week pass, (good Sunday noon through Friday midnight), but you can also buy discounted tickets (in pairs) at Costco. Two weekend tickets are $90, and I think two mid-week tickets are $70 or $75.
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January 4, 2006
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Believe Alpine Ski shop in Sterling sells advance lift tics to Wintergreen for about $10 off respective weekend/weekday full prices.
January 5, 2006
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Costco has some kind of deal. I think it was two adult weekdays for $69 of two adult weekends for $89.
January 17, 2006
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I just called Costco:
$89.99 for 2 weekend/holiday passes
$64.99 for 2 weekday passes

(thats 2 tickets for a single/full day)
January 18, 2006
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Which Costco carries the discounted tickets?
January 18, 2006
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I know Manassas does. It.s on BR234.
January 24, 2006
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I bought some from weekend lift tickets from Costco in MD. Silly me, I thought they were for Whitetail. It wasn't until I was in line at Whitetail that I looked closely and realized they were for Wintergreen. Grrr... Unfortunately, I find Wintergreen a little too far for me.

So if anyone would like to buy them from me, I'm in DC and they are $89.99 (I won't charge tax! =) and good for 2 weekend lift tickets to Wintergreen. PM me!
January 26, 2006
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1- Costco in Fairfax has them too

2- You could probably return the tickets, if there are no fine prints. Costco has a very liberal return policy.
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