Destination Travel Thread - From DC to ?
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January 2, 2006
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Seems like a good idea to start a thread consolidating DCSki advice for cheap/convenient travel from DC to New England, New York, Western US, Canada, Europe, etc. for ski trips.

Any advice on getting to Burlington VT cheaply and somewhat direct? (Besides the 10 hour drive - I'm time constrained this winter.) Any particular times of the year there are specials to Vermont or better yet, last-second bargains? It'd be great to hop on a plane before a Nor'Easter hits, but maybe that's wishful thinking.

Southwest or Air Tran don't fly into Burlington, Independence Air is going belly up, and from Jet Blue's web site it looks like you can't get from DC to Burlington, even though Jet Blue serves both markets. Is the old Vermont saying correct?

I ended up booking one flight to VT on Travelocity, but I'm hoping there are better deals out there than the one I got.

I know Southwest has cheap flights to Manchester, NH, especially when they run their Internet specials. Any other airlines run good deals to Manchester?
January 2, 2006
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My kid just flew United into Manchester for $155 or so round trip, but ... Independence Air just announced cessation of flight operations after 1/5/06, so that will affect competition.

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