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January 1, 2006
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This is kind of an out of the place thread that has nothing to do with skiing or snow. Then again how is that different from the "untopic"??

Anyway this does have a fairly serious meaning behind it. I'm wondering if anyone who reads this is a resident and registered voter of either Hardy, Hampshire, Grant, Mineral, & Pendleton counties. The reason I ask is because if you are a resident of these counties and meet the following restrictions please contact me ASAP. This is in regards to helping to stop the recreational dam being planned for our property.

Restrictions / Criteria

- Must be a registered voter of Hardy, Hampshire, Grant, Mineral, or Pendleton Co.
- Must be 21 or older.
- Must own 3+ acres of land.

If you meet those restrictions, you would be eligible to help participate in our fight against the recreational dams due to your federally mandated constitutional rights being violated by the state of WV. Your participation would be through signing a petition and possibly being available for suppling a testimonal that you meet the above criteria.

Send me a private message on here if you meet these criteria.

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