Finally, A DC-Area Ski Bus
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January 1, 2006
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Attiva Outdoors now offers a ski bus in the DC metropolitan area, with stops in Foggy Bottom, DC - Tyson's Corner, VA - Montgomery Mall, MD. Please check out our website at for more information on the schedule and rates.

Hope to see you on the bus soon!
Gary E. Cann
December 4, 2007
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Website won't open....
Scott - DCSki Editor
December 4, 2007
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Unfortunately, Attiva Outdoors discontinued their bus service. I haven't heard any updates about whether it will resume. It was a great service, but I'm not sure how many people took advantage of it.
lbotta - DCSki Supporter 
December 4, 2007
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How long was this in operation? would be great to have a Liberty work-evening excursion...

About 6-7 years ago, Perimeter Bus used to have a scheduled service. This seems to be a non-money maker. Maybe after Jan 20th, 2009 we will have ski bus subsidies...
December 5, 2007
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Maybe after Jan 20th, 2009 we will have ski bus subsidies...

YA ;\) and drivers licenses for illegals, universally (bad) health care and an idiot for every village, my villiage already has one tho , utopia i tell u.
oldensign - DCSki Columnist
December 10, 2007
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it is not that costly to put together a bus trip. For a trip to Snowshoe it is about $2000 for a 40 passenger bus. Do the math and it might just work out to 50 bucks a pop.

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