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December 28, 2005
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We normally go to 7Springs or Laurel Mtn.(if they are open ) when we head to western PA, but were thinking of trying Hidden Valley. I have been there one time several years ago and they didn't have the North Summit area open. It looked like the most interesting terrain as we drove by it. What was open didn't hold our interest for very long. I was wondering what the North Summit area is like. Does it add a lot to the experience or is it pretty similar to the rest of the trails? Thanks for any comments!
December 29, 2005
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Being a season passholder, I've found myself spending most of my time on the north summit, generally only crossing over to go to the bathroom or get something to eat.

There's definately harder terrain, but there's a nice bit of diversity. There's one long green that cuts through the woods that can really be fun for even advanced skiiers. (There are also some unofficial glades in that area)

That side of the mountain has the resorts only quad lift, and generally the lines aren't bad at all.

If you already have your gear (either own it, or rented it at one of the places in Donegal) you can actually just drive right up to the North Summit parking lot, and buy tickets at the warming hut. The parking is free, and closer to the slopes than anything at the main lodge.

If your expecting Hidden Valley to be on a par with seven springs (when it comes to lodging and ammentities) don't, quite frankly, you'll probably be let down.

But it is a very nice alternative to Seven Springs and nowhere near as crowded.
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